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Tournament Rules & Information

Rules for Two-Night Semi-Professional Elimination Style Tournaments.

Qualification of contestants:
All contestants shall be at least 18 to 39 years of age and a US Citizen.

Contestants cannot have any previous professional fighting experience and cannot have won over five sanctioned, amateur boxing, kickboxing, or MMA bouts.  (This does not include wins from semi-pro tournaments)
Contestants must pass a physical examination prior to each bout. Immediately upon the conclusion of each bout, a contestant shall be examined by a physician.

The promoter reserves the right to reject or accept any fighter at any time.

This is a two-day Single Elimination Tournament.

All contestants shall fight once the first night.

One the second night you will compete until you lose or there is a champion in your weight division.

Each fight will be scheduled for three (3) rounds of sixty (60) seconds each.
There shall be one (1) minute
rest period between rounds.

Three (3) knockdown and standing eight count rules shall apply.

Scoring - 10-point must system with three (3) judges.

No one shall be aware of who they fight until the matches are posted prior to the fight.

During the elimination stage of the tournament, the chief deputy may grant a contestant a bye if it is necessary to properly set matches within a round in which there are an uneven number of available and medically qualified contestants. Except in the event that the bye is necessary under subsection 46.3.g. of this Section, the contestant who is given a bye will be selected randomly by a blind draw.



Fighters cannot bring their own cornermen

NLC will hired licensed cornermen to work the corners.

If any fighter has previously trained with the corner, that corner cannot work with the fighter. 

Safety and equipment:
All contestants shall wear cups and mouth pieces at all times.
All contestants shall utilize proper and approved hand wraps and 16 oz. boxing gloves.

Bring your own Mouth guard, clean shoes and shorts.  You can bring your own groin protection as well.


Weight Classes for Men & Women

Lightweight - Up to 139 lbs

Welterweight - 140 to 159 lbs

Middleweight - 160 to 184 lbs

Cruiserweight - 185 to 215 lbs

Heavyweight - Over 215 lbs

Prize Money & Awards

The champion in each weight class receives up to $1,000 and a belt.  The Runner-Up receives up to $250.  This depends on the number of fighters in your division.  

If you fight 1 time to become champion = $250 (Runner Up $100)

If you fight 2 times to become champion = $500 (Runner Up $250)

If you fight 3+ times to become champion = $1,000 (Runner Up $250)

If you have any questions please send us an email:

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